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Configuration Settings

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The following configuration files contain settings that affect the Server and Monitor. They are stored in the bin folder and can be editing using any text editor.

The configuration file contains settings that affect the server and some plugin adapters. The file can be edited using any text editor, such as Notepad.

The following are the important settings in

RMI Registry Port

Solution Server listens on TCP/IP Port 9500 for control commands.

If this port is used elsewhere, it can be override by editing the rmiRegistryPort value in the configuration files.

After changes, the server must be restarted. The default value is:




SQL Settings

SQL Insert and Update retries value determines how many time the SQL Insert Task and the SQL Update Task will attempt to update a database before signalling an error. The default settings are:




Websphere MQ Settings

The only setting here is the name of the property file used for the Websphere MQ Event. See

This allows servers to be run with different MQ properties, simply by changing the file name here. The default value is:


Data Mapping Settings

Controls the Data Mapping and XSLT generation. The default values are:




Database Settings

Controls the ActiveLink database size. The default setting is:



The file in the bin folder can be editing using any text editor.

Controls the settings for the Monitor Console, mostly related to the user interface. It also controls the refresh interval and Alert Mail settings.



The XML file MonitorConfig.xml contains the list of servers monitored by the Monitor Console.

This file is updated when a server is registered in the Monitor Console. It also can be editing manually.

The default setting is for the local server:





The XML file ini.xml contains the last 3 Studio files that were saved.

This file can be edited manually, but changes will be lost when the Studio updates this file.

Note that this file does not affect solution or server behavior - only the Studio most recently saved files list. See Creating Solutions



The text file wrapper.conf defines the Windows Service.

Changes to this file require a restart of the Service.

Changes are not normally required to this file.


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